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Are You Tired of the Unbearable Pain of Neuropathy?

Patient of unbearable neuropathy pain“Doctor, I can’t go on living with this Peripheral Neuropathy and all this excruciating, unbearable foot and leg pain”

This is what I hear from my patients every day.

You see, I get the worst cases of neuropathy pain coming into my office on a regular basis, looking for help – looking for hope. I am often their “last resort” doctor, if I can’t help them, they will have no where left to  turn.

What do they hear from doctors?

They have usually been told, “Well, you probably have neuropathy, so here is your prescription for orthotics and pain medication,”  they may have also been told “There’s nothing that can be done for the neuropathy in your legs and your feet” except to block your ability to feel your pain with seizure medications such as Neuruontin and Lyrica.

Many have already suffered some of the awful side effects of these medications that are mistakenly called “nerve drugs”.

To Neuropathy sufferers, you’re not alone. As described by so many of my patients, your life is like a “living hell”, and you may be coming to the end of the rope.

The constant excruciating pain in your legs and feet is caused by damaged small fiber nerves. At the Bellevue Pain Institute, we can treat that pain with a non-invasive, no drug, non surgical and painless treatment, using neuropathy laser treatment.

We have had great success with this treatment, and often in short periods of time.

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Please watch this video testimonial from one of our clients:

This article is not intended to diagnose, but rather to help pinpoint your symptoms so that you can seek professional treatment.

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